Report Style Defaults dont stick

Epicor 9.05.701

So, we’ve been creating various report styles for different reports like sales invoice, sales order, etc etc.

When i go to report styles and make the new report the default - it seems to save and accept it short term.
But the next day or so, it seems to forget and just go back to another report.

One way around it would be to just have 1 report ticked “valid” for the invoice, and then it’ll work as there would be no other reports to choose from…but?!

Anybody else have this problem and is there a fix?

We were on 905702a until a couple weeks ago where we upgraded to 10.1.600.5.
Back in 905 we did not have this happen at all. The default report assignments stuck well.

Now we’re finding “sticking” problems with customizations and quick searches in 10.1.600.5, but haven’t seen reports yet. In E10 there seems to be new harder rules for “all companies” assignment to get done overall. We used to let it default in various programs, e.g., baqs, menu maint, customizations, etc. and it was fine.

Could you have an “all companies” vs single company assignment problem in report, baq, menu?


Mark -

Make sure the user (or you) didn’t “set defaults”. Try using “Remove Defaults”

Using “Save Defaults” with a report style that isn’t the default, will override the default style.

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