MES Request Move MFG-OPR move qty issue for partial qty reporting

In MES when reporting a quantity through Report Quantity or End Activity, if you select Request Move the application assumes you are only moving the quantity that you reported as complete. However, at our company between shifts it is very common for an operator to report a completed quantity for a partial container of parts and not request a move. Then the next shift will complete the remaining parts to make a full container, but when they Report the remaining Quantity and Request Move the move quantity is only for the reporting quantity and does not include the quantity that was already in the Out Bin of that resource from the previous shift.

To get around this issue we either have to change the quantity when processing the Material Move Request, which leads to errors… or the operator has to first report the quantity and remember to unselect Request Move in the Report Quantity screen, then request the move separately using Move WIP Request.

I would just have the operator always do the Move WIP Request separately, but the Request Move checkbox is checked by default if Auto Move is not checked on the resource. I’m probably going to customized this to either uncheck the Request Move and always do it separately or try to add the Out Bin quantity in the move request when checking the Request Move.

Is this also an issue for other companies or is there something I’m missing here?