Requisition Entry DMT Template

We are trying to DMT in unapproved Requisitions and I cannot find a DMT template to load them. I know Reqs are tied to Purchasing and I was able to find ReqID and ReqNum fields in the PORel template but I was not able to find a template that updates the ReqHead and ReqDetail tables that are used in Req Entry. Anyone have any insight on the template to use or how to get them loaded?

Thank you!

If no DMT exists, you could use an updatable dashboard’s paste+insert functionality. With no code, you could make one updatable dashboard for the header and another for the details, though you’ll need to grab the req numbers from the output of the reqhead after creation. With code, you could batch everything together yourself in an advanced directive within the updatable dashboard.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Joseph. Yea we were looking at doing some kind of a paste/insert to get them in there as it appears there is no DMT option.