Resource scheduling issues

Hello everyone,

We’re currently on E9.05.702A. We run an MRP regen every night and run finite scheduling. We’re having issues with our resources. We have a Resource Group with 10 resources assigned. The jobs are not spreading out evenly. It appears that 1 or 2 of the resources is getting 70% of the load. This is causing issues because it’s pushing jobs way out. Also, in some cases we’re using scheduling blocks and the system isn’t splitting the jobs up. For example, we have an operation on a job set to 4 scheduling blocks on resource group with 10 resources. It’s only using 2 of the resources in MRP even though there are other available resources in that group during that time. Any ideas?

And your finite scheduling is set at the resource group level or are you
setting the resource itself as finite?


Resource Group level.

We have 2 issues.

One is that it doesn’t appear that scheduling is spreading out the work load across all of the resources in the resource group. So one or two guys are working there rearends off while everyone else has little to nothing to do.

The second issue is that multiple resources within the group can work on the same job and operation at the same time. So in this case we have a Group called Welding and its has 10 welding resources. We have a job with a qty of 2 that should take 348 hours each or 696 total hours of welding. We would like for this to be spread out amongst the welding resources. We thought using Scheduling Blocks would work so we changed the Job operation to have 4 scheduling blocks but it only split the qty so that 2 welders worked on 1 each. We’d like to see this spread across 4 welding resources.

I’m attaching a screen shot of our multi resource scheduling board.

SS.docx (243.7 KB)

Do you have the Split Operations checkbox on?

Brad Boes