Return Material Bug?

Here’s is what I’ve done:

Issue mats. to a job to 2 different bins. Issued mats are registering and show up in wip bins.

For example:
WIP BIN 1: 10 pieces
WIP BIN 2: 10 pieces
Total issued: 20 pieces

If I return 12 pieces of material from WIP BIN 1 (which shouldn’t be allowed):
WIP BIN 1: 0 pieces
WIP BIN 2L 10 pieces
Total issued: 8.

The problem is the WIP didn’t stop me from taking more than was available, and also it did not register as -2 so I just had 2 magical pieces of that material appear in inventory.

If I keep un-issuing until I hit 0 - I am will be left with 2 phantom pieces left in WIP BIN 2 and two magical pieces in showed in inventory.

Did I miss something?

I didn’t run into this with WIP, but we had the same issue at shipment. For some reason, if there was enough qty to supply the order in the WH as a whole, it allowed you to pick the material from 1 bin. Even if that 1 bin did not have enough qty to satisfy the order.

We ended up with a bunch of negative quantities that would only show up on a dashboard I created. It allowed the business to run it every once in a while so they could identify them and then do a qty adjustment in both bins to fix them.

I suppose it should be straight forward to make a customization to keep this from happening but I think it should be addressed at the base since not all customers have the resources to do customizations on their own.

I agree. I never bothered to create a customization because they could use the dashboard I created to identify them and fix them. I had reported it to Epicor, but that was at my old job so I don’t know what the number they provided me with is.

So it sounds like what is happening is that Epicor is letting you go negative in one Bin and the net is still positive. There is a setting in Part Class that should prevent this from happening. You can stop, warn or do nothing. I believe the default is to do nothing. You may want to look at this.



NIce, I’ll check that out. Thanks @Beth

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We had that set to stop and it still allowed our bins to go negative as long as the overall sum in the warehouse was positive.

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Then a BPM is probably going to be required to prevent this. Always something!!


For the record - Epicor support has told me this is an intended feature - how something could be an intended feature that can change your inventory to incorrect values is above my paygrade I suppose.

This was answered by our Development team, this is the documentation found, if you think you need the system to work in a different way I can suggest to create a Customization or BPM or enter an Enhancement request, but this is working as design.

The application is working as designed, the “issue” was tested in E9 9.05, 10.0.700.4, Last Release (10.1.200) and Current Code (10.1.300), and the behavior of the application is the same because, according to the Epicor Help the Bin (To) field in Return Material is always going to show the primary bin by default, but it can be changed manually or browse for the correct bin.

If the customer wants that in Return Material appears automatically the bin according to the return request screen, you can request an enhancement to the application to development so they can verify and if so approve it.

Development’s response doesn’t seem to address your issue of not getting a stop nor warning message per the Part Class setting, instead it seems to explain how the Return Material To Bin defaults. I would push back and rephrase the question, cause they don’t seem to understand the problem of the missing stop or warning message. Unless you found that your Part Class wasn’t setup.

If you want the return material to bin to default to the bin originally pulled from, or the related operations input bin or some other logic, then a BPM is the answer.


I agree Rick, I don’t think they understood. I let them know that this wasn’t a big issue for me because I can code to avoid the issue. I just wanted it to be added for future release so some poor new customer doesn’t get bit by it.