Revisiting Performance Issues from MS Patches earlier this year

Hi All,

I’m sure many of us were dealing with the painful performance of E10 after Microsoft released some patches that resulted in the performance decrease of the client application.

We were initially scrambling to uninstall these patches to alleviate the problem. Then MS come out with a fix that essentially disabled the patches causing the issue.

In between, we stumbled across a post where someone found that disabling themes also “fixed” that problem.

My question is, did the MS fix resolve your issues in all cases? If not, did you resort to the disabling of themes or did you find another solution?

Right now, our IT team has two approaches to fix the performance issues. Both the MS fix and disabling themes.

Disabling themes does not seem like a viable option because we expect to be able to use this feature

I’ve not heard anything recently, and we’re still painfully trudging along.

Hi Mike,

Do you mean that the MS fix is not working for you?

Seems to be hit or miss with some users, but we’re also battling slow internet for the work-from-home folks. We just got hit with the latest big update too, so we’re testing with a few users (where we did not apply any of the ‘fixes’) to see if MS actually included the promised fix - the one they said would come ‘near the end of June’. I’m pretty sure that was referenced in the previous thread on this topic that included the Epicor ticket IDs.