RFQ Entry - Vantage 8.03.4XX

Hello all,

We are noticing some strange activity within RFQ Entry. When a user navigates to the "Line" tab, there are 2 fields called "Inventory U/M" and "Purchase U/M" Sometimes these fields are modifiable by the user, and sometimes these fields are grayed out and are read only. Its kind of strange because sometimes when there are multiple lines in the RFQ, the system will allow the user to change the value of these fields in line 1 of the RFQ, but when they do this, these fields become read only for the remaining lines of the RFQ. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?  We have no customizations applied to this area, and we are currently on version 8.03.406.

Thank you,
 Dustin Biniek
UMC, Inc.

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