Right Click and Open With issue in Time Phase

In version 9.05.701 our schedulers could right click on the MRP job in time phase and Open With “Job Entry” and Job Entry would auto populate the MRP job number. The job number is no longer populating when they RC and Open with… is there something that needs to be set in the context menu setup to perform this function?
Thanks much!

Is the job that you’re trying to open in the same Site/Plant as you’re currently logged into? If the job is in another site, Job Entry will open but it won’t load any jobs.

It is in the same site/plant. I did find though, that for 2 of our users it is working, from both time phased and job manager, so I am wondering if it would be a personalization issue although I don’t believe I have any personalizations tied to time phase and/or job manager and it isn’t loading the job & details for me.

  1. Try deleting any personalizations (the logic could be moved to a customization if it is important)
  2. Try using Clear Client Cache
  3. Manually clear the cache by closing Epicor and deleting everything from inside the C:\ProgramData\Epicor folder

Thanks Jason, we will give that a try today.

Hi Jason,

Ugh… I cleared my personalizations; cleared client cache; cleared cache from the Epicor folder and now I get an Application error that says: key already exists … Parameter name: Key. I get the same error when trying to Right click in both the Job Manager and Time phased.

Any ideas what would cause this error?

Thanks in advance!


Could you post the full error details? Also, we may need the customization exported.

Jason Woods


There is no customization on either the Job Manager module, nor the Time Phased module. This is the full error detail:

Application Error

Exception caught in: Infragistics4.Shared.v12.2

Error Detail

Thanks Carol. However, that does not appear to be the full error detail. It appears to stop just proir to providing more information.