Open With and Recent Files issue

Opening a sales order with order entry from customer maintenance doesn’t work. Also accessing recent orders from the file menu in sales order entry works sometimes and doesn’t at others. This occurs only with one user, I’ve cleared personalizations, cleared cache, emptied ProgramData. Interestingly the Recent Orders issue is fixed with closing the client and opening it again. Just very peculiar behavior. Has anyone else seen anything like this going on? We went live on 10.1.500 about 4 weeks ago, the problem didn’t exist before going to 10.

Was Order Entry already open? We discovered this (we’re on 10.1.500.14) - that if Order Entry is already open, the Open With from Customer Tracker does nothing. But if Order Entry is not already open, it will open it and load in the order. I didn’t report, because I though maybe this was some protection they are putting in.

When I watched him test it I know it was. I will have him verify that it works if it’s not already open. If it does work I’ll see if holding shift will make it at least pop a second window for him. Thanks for the bump on that part.

Yah, and let me know either way because now it has me questioning “why did only one of my sales people complain about this.” Maybe it is only affecting just one user for me too.

I have seen this happen.

There is a context maintenance screen available under utilities. The user
has inadvertently gotten a personalization in the the context menu area.

I have this happen when adding quick searches to context menus.


I cleared his personalizations when we went live on 10 but i’ll blow all of his away again and see if that fixes it.

No dice. Cleared his personalizations in full and it did the same thing on the open with.