RMA for Drop ship item - updating invoice fields

This is related to, but not precisely the same question as RMA for BTO item so I am asking this separately.

I am not an accountant, but have been told by my accounting dept that generating a credit memo from within the RMA system creates inventory transactions which are inaccurate for drop shipment items (because we never hold inventory). Therefore we create the RMA and manually (separately) create the credit memo.

Now I am trying to link the two and would like to populate an existing field rather than to create a UD field that does the same thing.

The fields in question are RMANum and RMALine in both the InvcHed and InvcDtl tables. Per the definition, they “assigned as part of the Request Credit process for an RMA and are not directly maintainable by Invoice Entry.”

I have not yet explored the update options (DMT or UBAQ seem most likely), but thought that I would see if anyone knew if it was possible (or that it’s not) before beginning to explore.


Does a RMA for a drop shipped item get sent back to the supplier or you?

I would think the intended process would be (even if you never receive the item back at your site) to process the RMA as if you received it, and than another RMA with the supplier. Your return of the item back to the supplier takes it back out of your inventory.

They don’t want to go through that whole process. They just want to be able to link the two transactions. I am working on a BAQ that goes through the invoices (on both sides) and I can create the links that way. Was trying to figure out a more explicit link