Sales Order Combined DMT File


Trying to upload sales orders for cutover and I am getting the following errors when trying to upload the file. Thoughts on how to over come them? Note: Company Config is set at 138000 for starting order number which should allow me to bring in at the lower number.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Tried as Add New only

Tried as Add New and Update

I’ve always had better luck not using the combined template. Do headers, then lines, then releases.


Or try setting the starting order number to zero before uploading via DMT. Then set back to your desired first number for auto generation

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Thanks for the information. I gave it a try on the header only and it did successfully complete. It makes me wonder if a BPM on the detail tab is blocking it from going in successfully. I will try loading a detail tab load tomorrow to see what happens.

Thanks again for the help.