SalesOrder MasterUpdate really slow

I’ve been checking out the performance of Order Entry due to complaints and have noticed very slow execution times for MasterUpdate. 3000+ms. This is after shutting off all BPMs (which made it 5000+)

I’m wondering what my options are here as an order could have 100 lines and the MasterUpdate just takes longer to run.

Is there any way to shut off the MasterUpdate and allow new row addition, then doing a MasterUpdate when done entering all the orders?

Looking for some means of improving performance as waiting 3 seconds for a new line to appear is not feasible.


Turning off the “Process Sales Tax” on the SO Header before adding the 100 lines and turn in on after the master update helps.


Thanks for the suggestion Matt.

We’re on 10.1.600.15 and I don’t see “Process Sales Tax”. Is it the “Ready to Process” checkbox maybe?

It is the Ready To Process checkbox.


Yes, that’s the one. It has been renamed in later versions.