Same part in multiple divisions

We have a part that is issued to a BOM and consumed. We then send that finish part number to a separate division where they do something to the finish part and send the consumed part back to the original division. We currently do not have an idea of how to do it in Epicor. Any ideas would be of great help.

You’ll probably have to explain that a little more. Are you talking about something like a returnable pallet? Otherwise, I don’t understand how it’s consumed, then somehow sent back after it’s consumed.

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Yes. Similar to a pallet. Sometimes the pallet goes with the job and sometimes it is returned to be used again

things like pallets might get consumed, but then they are simply adjusted or returned back to stock when complete… for example.

  1. job 1 in Division 1… consumes a pallet out of stock
  2. Transfer the FG to division 2… (there is a pallet in there somewhere).
  3. Job 2, in division 2 continues using the part and the pallet. Maybe you need an additional pallet, so you consume that into job 2.
  4. you ship the FG back to division 1. Now division 1 has another FG…
  5. now you remove the parts from the pallet to ship. When the pallet is empty, you simply adjust it back into stock.

So basically the only way of tracking the pallet is by inventory adjustments when the pallet comes back to the original site.

Thank you for your help.

If you wanted to, you could add salvage parts to the job in the other site that would put them back in inventory.

But “Sometimes” is going to get you in trouble with that. If it’s not a for sure thing, then yeah, I would stick with quantity adjustments.

Yup, having the system do something that sometimes happens, (and the timing of when that something happens) is best left to a human rather than making assumptions. This reminded me of my PowerPoint Slide I created years ago for a company who wanted the system to “just know that the part was ready to ship”.