Saving a NEW Dashboard Error

Hello All,

Currently I am having an issue SAVING A Dashboard that i have made… Any ideas?

Error Detail

Correlation ID: 0ab62a9b-4398-432d-9402-5c204edbca48
Description: A server error occurred. Review the server event logs for details.
Program: Epicor.Ice.Server.Wcf.Core.dll
Method: ProvideFault
Line Number: 33
Column Number: 17

Any ideas…

Have you customized this Dashboard with BO (service) calls? If so, share some code?

And which version are you working on?

Thank you for getting back to me - I had to reboot my PC with windows UP-DATES and for some reason… Its now working… Don’t know why…

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I’ve run into similar issues with dashboards as well, also related to Windows. It’s not exactly anything that’s wrong with Windows (in this case anyway :slight_smile: ).

Epicor dashboards have critical dependancies on some Windows features that aren’t packaged in the Epicor application. Those Windows features aren’t critical to Windows, so there are times when they aren’t up to date, aren’t the expected version, or simply aren’t accessible to the credentials Epicor is using, and Windows doesn’t care.

A quick and easy way to see this is to install Epicor in a Windows Sandbox. It’ll work just fine until you try to deploy a dashboard. It’ll fail, throwing a missing resource error. It’s not missing, Epicor (operating under sandbox account restrictions) just doesn’t have permission to use it.

There’s not much we can do to fix it, other than knowing how to work around the error when it comes up. Technically the right way is to package critical dependencies at compile time so they’re available regardless of funky security or if it’s installed in a limited Windows environment or if Windows makes a change to the expected feature that breaks Epicor functionality, but that’s Epicor’s footgun to deal with.