Scheduled Job Status Report - Two reports, different data?

We recently tried using the schedule feature to run the Job Status Report (to run at 4AM on Friday’s). The report runs and prints, however we get two reports: a 5 page and a 9 page, after page 1 the data is different. When we come in that morning (before new jobs are created) and manually run the report we get a 12 page report.

Totally confused. Somehow it seems different reports are running. Not sure where to begin to troubleshoot.

Just a bump on this. Production is ready to cancel the scheduled report because each week it keeps doing this same thing. I’ve cleared the report parameters, set the same ones we use when we manually print, and set to a schedule. For some reason, the scheduled report prints differently than the manually printed report… not only differently, but it prints two reports (a 5 page and a 9 page), when the manual prints just one.