Screen changes during customization disappearing after exiting and coming back in

I am working on the AR Batch Invoice Printing screen, I would make some changes, save my changes, to a new customization, but when I exit customization (and even epicor) and come back it, and open the customization, none of my changes are their. Coding changes are there, but not the screen design changes. I have only been experiencing this with the AR Batch Invoice Printing.

Am I doing something wrong? Or am I missing a step?


Is it just the “personalizations” (window sizes, column order and visibility) that disappear? or other things in the customization?


and do you mean “Mass Print AR Invoices” ??

What version are you on?

This happens often. Try Clear Client Cache. I normally recommend that you close Epicor completely and delete your C:\ProgramData\Epicor*-808 folder(s).

I will try this and report back. Thanks.

I have tried this twice and still my changes keep disappearing when i come back in even though I my customization changes often.


I made all those control visible = true, added new controls, but when I exit and come back in, the older controls are there and my changes are gone.

It is the customization that this is happening to.
I tried the suggestions made by Jason, but it is still happening.
Any suggestions?


Use Customization Maintenance to see the Customized data (Actions -> Show Custom Data)

The Properties tab of the Customization Data window will show you what is being applied.

You don’t happen to have two different environments open using the same client folder/similar sysconfig by any chance? This can play havoc with cached files.

No.Just 1.

When I look at the Customization Maintenance and the Show Custom Data, I do see the controls I have added and the property values I have set. However, the controls are not showing on the screen.

They show in Customization mode, but not when in regular mode?

Did you update the Menu settings to specify the customization?

I think Calvin’s got it.

They do not show in the Customization Mode. So if I exit and go back in to continue the customization, the changes were not there.

Meaning that just the location changes didn’t take? The controls are still there, just in the wrong spot?

I didn’t update the Menu settings yet to specify the customization because I was not finished making my changes. I normally do the menu after I have completed all my customization.

I can give that a try setting the customization in the Menu settings and see if the customization will show up when I go into Customization Mode

Your screen shot shows UD110. I had never played with a Parent Child UD screen before only the single table ones, so I played with this tonight and none of my changes didn’t take. But as soon as I did a new Parent and saved they came roaring back.

I usually hide those UD screens on for load rather than changing visibility as Epicor can change that on the fly.

So, Let’s go back to the premise. I am working on the AR Batch Invoice screen. What does the customization screen show when it opens? Is this an existing “AR Batch Invoice” screen?


child tab

Initially, the screen is similar to your screen shots, and i set the visibility to “False” for those control and then added the controls I wanted.

I didn’t know that Epicor could change the visibility on a fly, so I will try using the hide on loading of the screen.

It may have added issues with UDs over 100 that are parent child. I have only used the single table UDs to do this with.

Here is the code to hide the tree and main panel, if you need it.

		Epicor.Mfg.UI.FrameWork.EpiTreeViewPanel TreeViewPanel = (Epicor.Mfg.UI.FrameWork.EpiTreeViewPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("d3a4fa73-e037-484e-8c93-1f930be38abf");
		Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.UD04Entry.MainPanel MainPanel = (Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.UD04Entry.MainPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("1dff11bc-3024-4d17-acfc-b7af287e274b");