Search Multiple Suppliers at one time / Annual PO totals


I am new to Epicor and looking for any help/advice/assistance you are willing to offer! I am able to search supplier history one by one, but I am unable to search several suppliers at one time. For example, I am looking to search all of our mobile equipment suppliers, so I can view our total annual spend with each, in one table. I am also looking for a view that shows total annual spend/PO value, not each PO one by one.

Any help on data analysis and pulling overall supplier information/totals would be very helpful - thank you!

Welcome to the forum!

Your first request is best suited by using a Dashboard. This is something someone has to create. What is your role in your company? Are you the user that needs this info, or someone that has been tasked to develop the way to get it. In other words, are you a regular user, or more of the IT type that can make BAQ’s and Dashboards?

In simplest words, do you have access to Business Activity Query and dashboard developer?

As for the second, you could also make a BAQ and dashboard. Or use the Supplier Tracker program to show all the PO’s for a supplier, then add a total to be displayed for the Ext Cost column.

Hi Calvin - thank you!

I am the Procurement Manager. I recently joined the company and I am not familiar with Epicor. I came from SAP and I am still trying to identify how to pull basic data / information. I am the user that will need this info, but I am happy to learn and make the BAQs/Dashboards as needed.

I do have access to BAQs / not sure on the dashboard.

Thank you again.

With access to BAQ’s, you at least have the ability to make a query and get “raw data”. You can then right click this data and select “Send to Execl” (or something like that, it might be “Copy to Excel”).

You could then do what you need in Excel.

To give you a head start with the BAQ…

  1. Launch “Business Activity Query”

  2. In the form that Opens up enter a name for the BAQ (I always start min with my Inititals), and hit tab. Answer Yes to make a new one.

  3. Enter a description

  4. Go to the Designer tab

  5. Search for the POHeader table, and double click to add it to the query

  6. Search for the Vendor table and double click to add it.

  7. The relationship between these two will be automatically added.

  8. Select the Display Fields.

  9. Add the desired columns, by scrolling them and the double clicking. The ones you probably want are:

  10. Optionally, Add a sort order using the “Sort Order” tab.

  11. Select the analyze tab

  12. Click the Test button

  13. Right click the grid and select “Copy to Excel”

I did this once for a Client as a BAQ Search instead of a Dashboard. That way, nothing has to be deployed to the Main Menu.
After creating the BAQ as @ckrusen suggests, you go to the BAQ Search tab and Move the ‘Supplier ID’ to the right side list.
After Saving (be sure to enable ‘Shared’) then you can go into Supplier Entry or Tracker and bring up the Search. On the search window select the ‘BAQ’ tab. You should see your new BAQ listed select it, change the Options to return all rows is you want and click on Search… the results from your BAQ will be your results. You can then right click and send those to Excel if you want.
When possible, I like to use BAQ searches since it doesn’t clutter the Main Menu and these searches can be more in the process flow.


Thank you both - I appreciate the help and fast response!