Serial Numbers needed for job closing (yay!)

It’s everyone’s favorite topic… serial numbers! Woo hoo!

I’m trying to wrap up some old jobs that have been open since before I got into my current position (year plus). Basic explanation is “100 serial numbers required, 90 assigned.” I can pull the serial number list from Job Tracker (none of the serial quantities line up with our closing error message but we’re past the point of it making sense and just want to get them closed.)

I have some serial numbers that are “Unassigned” and have changed that status to WIP and then tried to assign them through Serial Number Assignment but they don’t come up in the list of available serial numbers. Also, when the unassigned serial numbers are pulled up through Serial Number Maintenace they aren’t attached to the job number and putting that job number in doesn’t change the quantity needed on the error message. Interesting note: it does however put them into the selected list.

I can remove extra serial numbers but seem to be unable to add. Any ideas? At this point, I have several available / unassigned serial numbers I can use if I can just get them on the job and close it.
Please help :sweat_smile:

Sometimes you can assign S/N’s that don’t show up as available by manually typing them into the box on that screen. If that doesn’t work, at least the system will (usually) tell you why that serial number can’t be used.

You can also just make junk serial #'s in SN Maintenance and assign them.

EDIT: Don’t manually change the SN status from Unassigned to WIP. That’s what Serial Number Assignment does.

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If you really don’t need to assign the additional serial #s (e.g. product scrapped out at earlier operation), then you can request a data fix program from Epicor support. We started using this in E9.05, each time we patch we ask for a new build. It simply updates the job to closed without having to unassign/make up dummy serial numbers. IT runs the fix, since it’s in the Data Fix Workbench and that is only open to security managers for us.

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We really need to collect a list of the more useful data fixes Epicor hoards. This one would have made my life easier.

Then again, if I was more willing to ask for help rather than barging ahead, my life might be easier too.

Hi Faye,

We also celebrate the use of serialization in Epicor :face_vomiting: frequently.
I have found that you can get the system to think it is assigned as usual by putting the SN status in WIP and also entering the associated Job/Assembly/Seq data into those fields in SN maintenance. When I tweak it this way, and go to job SN assignment, the SNs appear assigned in the grid. Have you entered the Job/Assy/Seq data in too in SN maint?

One other idea, if this doesn’t work is to change the serial number to alphanumeric temporarily for the part number and then in assign to job, type in manually what you want the SN to be.



Thank you for the help, Nancy!

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We also do a lot with serial numbers for jobs.
In addition to @Nancy_Hoyt 's suggestions, you can also change the quantity completed value for the job to match the number of actually assigned serials, and then close normally. The completed quantity is where the XX Serial Numbers required part comes from.
This works well if you do not use Job Completed Qty for other reporting or analysis ( we do not ).

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