Series 1 EpiSode 1: Intro and Insights 2022 Recap

Hey Ya’ll!
We are making a podcast!! After all these years talking about it, Insights after Insights, we are taking the plunge and expanding our community into the world of podcasting!

Over the years we have really loved watching the community grow and are still amazed at how much interaction we get out of every post and reply. With so much good information out there we thought it might be fun to turn our little forum into a podcast. The EpiUsers Insights Panel, so to speak, unleashed!

A podcast about what you ask? Well about everything that makes this community great, Epicor of course yes but so much more, ERP, Enterprise, the Cloud, the Web, Lean, Manufacturing, Implementation you name it! (No, literally we are going to need content suggestions)

We have such a wealth of knowledge and experience in this community that we believe we can sustain a regular podcast with a rotating cast of guests from Epicor, Customers, SMEs, Partners and more! How-tos, Stump the Chump, Solutioning and just all around fun.

We hope you will join us in this new adventure and give it a listen, we are making it available both as an audio podcast (on all the major platforms) and as a video podcast on Spotify and Youtube.

So sit back and listen to our first episode below where we go a little bit into why we are making this and then do a bit of an Insights Post mortem. We already have several guests lined up for future Episodes and we are always open to suggestions.

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to hear from? Do YOU have something you’d like to share that might of interest to the community? Let us know!

We are also running a bit of a contest to come up with an official name or tagline for the podcast, I mean EpiUsers is fine, but if you come up with something better let us know we’ll put the top 3 or 4 up for a vote and the winner will get a prize.

Also we are looking for Stump the Chump style questions to answer, so if you have a burning question, technical or not that you’d like answered send it our way and we will try to find an answer for you!

Send an email directly to with your questions or suggestions!

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This Episode is Hosted by @josecgomez and @bderuvo with video production by @jgiese.wci and emotional support from @Banderson
Incredible artwork, logo and banners designed by @hasokeric (thank you!!! :star_struck:)

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EpiSode? :rofl:

Wife called me a nerd for adding this to the subscription…


That was all… Josh :man_facepalming:

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I could go on

Kineticize with Bryan & Jose

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I told Jose earlier, my favorite title is already taken by another app/website:


None of the recipes there would work in Automation Studio…


@Chris_Conn wow… @Mark_Wonsil got a mug, and you barely got a Keychain :slight_smile:


Only EpiFans. :wink:

50% off–today only.



Shit I gave my keychain away to a random stranger @ John P’s private party.

And your last post is beyond epic! Points!

Right!! He is gonna have to give up his Award!! @utaylor where you be? :broken_heart:

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@josecgomez does not have enough to do already? The site, teaching (right?), presumably a day job, and now this?

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I literally was just thinking I would totally watch clips of all y’all talking about epicor any day of the week.

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Tagging him is cheating, I think.

He’s a manager now. He just makes @Banderson and me do it all. :smiley:

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This didn’t pop up on the New tab here, I just saw it on LinkedIn!!! Sorry I am late!

Damn straight!

haha my day job has graciously given me a couple of a hours a week on Friday during the summer “off” we have summer schedule so @bderuvo and I are using that time for this. So it’s gonna be seasonal

Also I don’t plan on being on every episode that’s what this community is for… eeny, meeny, miny, moe… catch Utah make him a podcaster! :joy:

And my teaching is only in the Fall which is about to start at the end of the Summer… #StayBusy


Awesome idea, I like the idea of videos/podcasts a ton.