Series 1 EpiSode 6: The Kinetic Transformation with Brian Conner

Epicor drops the much anticipated fall release of Kinetic 2022.2.4 and it is packed with new features and bug fixes, as well as some new unintended consequences (see: Return material from job not enough wip). @jgiese.wci , @josecgomez and @bderuvo discuss the new features and what they are excited to see and a little later we have a lengthy and enjoyable interview with @bconner Director of Product Engineering for the UX Platform (aka Kinetic baby daddy :baby: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) about the kinetic transformation, how we got here and where we are going.


Kinetic 2022.2 Release Announcement
EpicWeb Latest Release Info
Kinetic 2022.2 RL Download Link
Kinetic 2022.2.4 Patch

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Hosts: @josecgomez , @bderuvo, @jgiese.wci
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May 1000 elephants fertilize your pumpkin patch with their droppings. @bconner you have won me over with your shirt! :heart:


Thanks for being on the podcast @bconner !!!

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Super job as always guys!!!


I hope this never dies. #SorryNotSorry @bconner

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ooooh, inventory management by revision number!


If it’s just inventory by rev, and no more, then this will be cool. But planning by rev, procurement by rev, manufacturing components by rev, engineering by rev, alternates by rev, backflushing by rev, …

Maybe I’m wrong but I think it’s gonna get messy really quick.


Excellent episode!!!

Some feedback for @bconner:

I absolutely love the idea of using the GMail (and Outlook for Web) density model!!!

Any thoughts about using ARIA-Labels to improve accessibility AND help with automated UI testing?
Provide a method to add ARIA-Labels (Roles and | Kinetic Ideas (

A performance improvement suggestion: I see we are mimicking the rich-client calling structure in Kinetic. For example, upon login there are about a dozen different REST calls to get information about the user. Could those calls be collapsed into fewer calls (or a single call) that returns everything about the user and take a bunch of calls off the wire and improve speed?

As companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and other companies start to use the W3 Standard Web Components capability, do you envision Kinetic eventually supporting this standard? A BAQ component that can be used in an Angular, a React, or even a Blazor application for example?

Again, thanks for your time on the podcast. Hope to see you again!!!

Mark W.


Yes Great Episode!

As far as the Branding, I guess you could simply provide a Chromium Extension where people can inject their own global css or javascript, there are plenty of override extensions already - you could simply fork one and make it a bit easier (Kinetic specific), let them simply manage it that way, you don’t have to provide the feature within the ERP. EssentialObjects also has capability to load an Extension.

Why not leverage Chrome Extensions for some stuff.

As far as Environments we don’t necessarily use color coding but we do rename our company name to prefix with * * DEV * * Company Name, Inc and include the Date it was last copied from PRD. I know Kinetic shows the Company everywhere, at least it’s something for now.


The one feature id like to see, is to skip the record selection screen and just like classic, land on the main form and load the record in from there, most people will just key in the QuoteNum or OrderNum.


This can be accomplished already but it is a screen by screen tailoring. Though it is very simple to do


yeah, unless I have misunderstood you, I just discovered that

open order entry > enter known SO num > press tab

works in Kinetic and I’m pretty sure it didn’t in the 10.7 kinetic

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Thanks for having me. I very much appreciate the opportunity to talk about the product and our thought process a bit. And thanks for letting me monologue - most people don’t let me do that, for good reason probably :smiley:


Now I feel bad yelling at you always on the forums and tagging you on my rants. Unless that helped :slight_smile:


@josecgomez which Episode will @Olga be on, talk about iDP? I know Stephen is coming soon.


I am not working on IDP anymore for 2+ years, sorry


It does in 2022.2.X


In 2022.2, the new feature summary says that Enter will work as well as the tab key.


Ooooo, neat! Just confirmed!


This is a good example of the kind of polish items we’re now able to put time to. Enter to commit value vs. tab to commit and leave the field is a very fine grained story, but those little muscle memory mismatches add up to an overall ux that feels right or doesn’t. Expect that we’ll continue to add a lot of these little refinements over the next year. We’re working down the list of experience papercuts, basically.