Server Event Log Dashboard

Yeah, that’s what I tried first before realizing what was going on.

Do widgets with custom code work on SaaS MT or is that also prohibited on MT?

TBH I’m still trying to wrap my head around the various offerings and what they mean as far as features.

I do not believe so, but @Mark_Wonsil probably knows.

Edit: lol, I see his little icon typing now :rofl:

If you’re truly SaaS MT, then no code widgets. If you are regular Public Cloud/Dedicate Tenant, then you will have code widgets. MT hasn’t been sold to customers in several years, so if you’re new-ish you’re probably not MT.

The main difference is that in MT, multiple companies are in one database and code would be able to reach other customers. In Public Cloud, only one customer per database.

I kinda thought that was the case, but as you all mentioned earlier, that information was from a last week’s problem.

We are a public cloud customer so we have the option of custom code and widgets with custom code, it’s more just curiosity and trying to remember as much as possible.