Set default field when new supplier is created with BPM


I’m trying to set a default field upon creating a new Supplier.

The field I want defaulting is Vendor.PMUID (Payment Method) on the main form to be “Check,” currently it is set to “Non Selected.”

I’ve tried creating a BPM using VENDOR as a group and choosing Post-Processing.

-In the BPM Designer view, I’ve linked my “Start” to the “Set Field” table.
-In the “Set Field” table, the action is “Set the ttVendor.PMUID field of the added row to the 5 expression.”

After enabling the BPM and creating a new Supplier in the Supplier Maintenance form, the Vendor.PMUID field does not change to “Check” and stays as “Non Selected.” Although the field does change to “Check” after saving the form.

Is there a way to have the field populate right after creating a new Supplier?

Thanks in advance

With a post-processing BPM you will not be able to see the change until a record update happens (clicking save). This seems better suited to be a customization versus a BPM, at least to me.

There are some odd things like this in Epicor to look out for, but you are on the right track.
Since you are changing the data in the tt dataset that doesn’t trigger any lookups or data validations and when the data is later saved it is expecting that the data passed has already been validated.
In this case you not only have to set the PMUID but also the PaymentMethodName. If you set both, then when you save and then clear and recall the new Vendor ID you will see the data is correct.
This is tricky because if someone later changes the description of the Payment Method this will no longer work. You may want to look up the Payment method name and then set it.
If you already have a customization on supplier entry then a customization to set the default may be preferable.


Billy I am doing the same thing setting 2 fields on of them the Vendor.PMUID it needs set to “1” in order to get Check to be displayed. This should be done as an In-transaction data directive
Let me know if you need additional help.

thank you



I think you want to do a Pre-Processing directive on the new row.

The updating of the PMUID field works regardless of a data directive or method directive and pre-processing, standard, in-tran, base or post. The issue will be the User Interface understanding the binding value (PMUID) has changed and that now it needs to change the Display, which is Name, which is why it requires an event (save) to do so, just as @billyx stated.