Shipment stage list maintenance

Hello all,

While looking into Master Pack, I came across the “Stage” field on the Customer Shipment Entry screen (shown below). The entries shown in this list are clearly just some misplaced text from users, but they seem to stay there indefinitely if the shipment is saved. Is there a maintenance screen or another place where these values are held? Not only would I like to delete these old entries, but want to know the best place to create new stages.


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Right click open with “Stage Ship Confirm” search. They are records not exactly a maintenance thing.

That search seems to only show results for shipments that are “staged”, and since we are not yet using ship staging this list was empty.

So, in our development environment I staged a random open shipment and can now see it in the Stage Ship Confirm screen. However, I do not see a way to delete the stage “q” as shown in the screenshot below as the delete button is greyed out. It seems all I can do is unstage, or change what stage the shipment is in.

You can’t delete it but you can change it in the ERP.CartonStage table.

You can either use SQL to update the table or you can make an updatable BAQ and just change the StageNumber to the correct stage name.

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I cannot find anywhere in manuals or forums or videos how are the shipment stages used or created? Isn’t it supposed to be like you have stages (ie packed, customs, picked up etc) which you assign on the shipment?

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Seems that is just a field you can manually enter and rather useless in this way. There are some threads which refer to this field in database, but you cannot create dropdown list anywhere. Big up, Epicor dev team!