Miscellaneous Shipment Entry

Version: 9.05.701

In Misc Shipment Entry, what does the status “staged” mean and how can i change it to closed?

Many thanks in advance.

Have you tried to open the pack id (F3) and then try to close it (F4)?
Stage (F7) is another status option you can use for shipments. To me it means the shipment is already closed and is staged sitting ready to be shipped.


the only way is to do a stage ship confirm entry, but you need info in the stage filed in Misc pack entry and then mark it as stage (F7). when that is done you will be able to complete stage ship confirm.
basically you make the pack slip and stage it, then shipping receiving does the stage ship confirm to show that it has been shipped.

The F3 key doesn’t do anything,
Also, when i click ACTIONS the menus are greyed out.