Shipping Charges not sticking

My shippers are saying they input everything for shipping and certain orders, after shipping, our accounting team sees that the shipping charges were removed. Nothing in the change log, it was just removed. But there before finalizing shipping. Ideas?

Yes, we discovered a few months back that had been happening to us as well. We are on 10.1.400.32
I assume you are using Epicor Manifest?

The recommendation from Epicor Support was to set up a brand new Misc Charge code, separate from the one that Epicor Manifest uses, and that seemed to resolved our issue.

So, our original misc code was FRT and our new code is MFRT. All configuration settings are the same.

So, now when freight is automatically added on by Epicor Manifest, the FRT code is used, but when we manually add freight (for a shipment that was not freighted in Manifest) we use the MFRT code.

I had similar with international but this is the first for domestic. But it’s the same fix, correct?