Single Server Sizing

We are looking to go from 9.05.702a to the latest 10.1. We are a small simple business, 20 office users, 5 MES stations and have no plans to expand in the next 5-10yrs. Can we buy just one physical server and run SQL and the appserver on the that 1 physical box? Epicors Hardware guide recommends running 2 servers. I did notice that for a user count up to 15 is using the Table 1 in the epicor guide but have concerns that might be under powered due to our user count, should we use this Table instead of the ‘up to 50 user load’ table? Could anyone share specs for the one server or have any experience running E10 on just one server for a small ERP?

Thanks for any input and help.

We have one physical server for 35 office users (20 concurrent licenses),
and 12 MES. I’m at Insights right now, so don’t have server specs handy,
but you should be able to use the Sizing Guide.

Yea did you use the ‘Table 1’ guide for up to a 15 user load in the guide?

I think we went with the medium sever option. We actually worked with.
Epicor to spec it out and ended up purchasing the Dell Server through
them. You CAM would be able to point you to the Epicor hardware group if
you wanted.

Here’s what we purchased back in 2015 for our E10 migration.

Dell PowerEdge R620
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2667 v2 3.3GHz (8 cores)
96GB RDIMM 1866MT/s
2 x 146G 15K SAS, 6Gbps
4 x 200G MLC SSD, 3 Gbps

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Thank you Norman!