Site wiki?

I just noticed a little wrench icon that said “make wiki” and toggled to “remove wiki” but I don’t know if it did anything.

Made me think, if there’s a wiki feature, could we build a really awesome DMT guide?

Step one might be categories. My current impression is that we’d probably have something like:

  1. normal dmt-ing
  2. playbooks and the like
  3. PowerShell automation
  4. security and delegation of tasks

or something.

Who would like to get involved? I think DMT could be much more useful if there was a bit of a knowledge base. We could create something really useful and let Epicor take it over as long as they kept it open source, free, etc. It would allow us all to make better use of this tool and as such, could make Epicor that much more attractive.


I would even expand it to make real how-to documents. Not sure who wants to moderate/standardize/etc though…

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Another possibility is to use something like GitHub Pages to store the how-to documents in Github-Markdown format. That way they can be versioned, crowd-sourced, and searchable. We would just need < cough > someone with an email address < cough > to set up the GitHub account.

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that would be brilliant.

<cough> @josecgomez </cough>

I can do that… re: Github

and yes @SteveFossey if you turn a post into a WIKI means it is globally editable

I’m going to have to start wearing a :mask: on this site! I could see a lot of FAQ being answered via a WIKI or GitHub, not just DMT.


so that’s a good point - @josecgomez, how would you prefer? I’d be happy to contribute to either a wiki or github, and I don’t want to be the guy who muddies the waters (well, I do, but only in the boardroom)

Here ya go

@Mark_Wonsil has offered to help manage it.

and… GO!

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