SMTP Client Side .sysconfig

Let’s take a moment to share and talk about Epicor.sysconfig SMTP Settings. It almost seems like poor architecture to setup a SMTP Relay Server and if you have 500-1000 users you have to add many of them to the relay server, which is risky.

Are there any additional XML Settings, I can add to the .sysconfig to make it pick a generic email like

I know Server-Side, BPMs, Alerts will make use of the Company Maintenance SMTP Settings - yet things Client Side want to make use of the .sysconfig SMTP Relay. Again, it is very unlikely that a large organization which has Security Concerns will ever add an entire organization to the relay without authentication (aka; anonymous).

I have never once had a use case for that SMTP setting in the sysconfig. Everything email wise I have ever needed to do is sent using the information inside company config. What situation are you in that you are being forced to use a relay?

There are 2 that are very unlikely; just wanted to gather more info on how others handle it who may use these features:

  1. If you receive a Exception MessageBox you cant hit Report or Email and it wants to email that error to ex: helpdesk (I could see this one being used, kinda cool)
  2. If you want to use in ex. Quantity Adjustments -> File -> Send -> Record by Email it brings up a little dialog which lets you email a Shortcut to that Entry Screen to someone.

In E9 the .config setting used when you select menu item File->Send in any form. I think errors are the same, if you click on the send email option. It is pretty clunky. It pops up an generic looking email window and you have to key in the to email address instead of using the outlook interop,

Not sure if this exists in E10…:scream:

Was just about to post some images, but got beaten to it. :slight_smile:

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