Send Record by Email functionality

Hi everyone,
I just brought up this functionality in our Epicor 10.1.400.11 system and was wondering if I am getting the right behavior.
Opening up Job Tracker and going into any particular job, I use the Menu bar function " File > Send >Record by Email " to send an EMail to a recipient with a shortcut.sysconfig file attached.
When the recipient receives this Email, clicking on the attached shortcut.config file opens Epicor, forces a user login then opens Job Tracker to the desired job.
My question is this:
Does this functionality always need to instantiate a new Epicor Instance or can an already open Epicor open a window with the desired app/record ?

Thank you for your thoughts,
Dave Beberman
ERP Manager
Ferguson Perforating

If your epicor is already open then it should just launch the screen.

Thanks for the reply Jose.
What I was missing was a file association for .sysconfig to open up the Epicor app on my pc…

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