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Is there an official document on this?

I am mostly curious about the usage of ZDataSets and ZDataTable (I am looking at how to export workstation, printer, and device settings to another instance of E10).

Also, I exported my menu items that I had changed my default customizations on thinking that would set my default customizations on the instance I was importing to but none of my default customizations were set (the customizations themselves were imported, but the menu items did not reflect the selected customizations). I wondered if it was an issue of order of operations where maybe the menu item was imported first, before the customizations, causing it fail. Can you even set the order of operations (precedence)?

Also, is there any documents which list all of the tables and give descriptions (and field descriptions)?

Also, is there any documents which list all of the tables and give descriptions (and field descriptions)?

There is a document call the data dictionary that has exactly this. However, I don’t know where to find it, and haven’t really ever wanted it because using field help then jumping to the technical detail has the same descriptions (or so I believe). I’ve been shown before once what it was, but saw that it was the same, so I just shrugged. Also in the BAQ editor there always the lists on the right side. That’s what I use.

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It’s under system maintenance

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Did you ever come across any official documentation for the Solution Workbench? I’ve been able to figure out the basics of how to use it, but would love to know all of the features in more detail.

No, the documentation was very basic. I still have LOADS of questions about it!

You wouldn’t happen to know if there’s a way to export the solutions you create? What I mean is when I create a new solution and save it, even though I can build that solution and export a CAB file to be installed in the other Epicor environments, the actual solution is only saved in the environment where I created it. Is there a way to export solutions (those that have been saved and show up when you search and load them)? It would be nice to at least be able to back up the list of solutions you create in case the database get’s whipped.

Thanks for your time and any help you can offer! Have a great day.


Very great question. I’ve never tried. It does seem like a good idea to be able to export solution packages.


Copy to the CAB file over to the second system. Then use the Actions > Install Solution function to import that CAB into the new server…

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That will install all of the items in the solution package, but that solution won’t show up in the Solution Workbench like it does in the original environment where the package was created in.

It would be nice to be able to export the packages so you can import them into the other databases.


It would be more like a solution package import as opposed to a solution install. I imagine that Epicor would have to redefine some GUIDs in the solution package since they would be different on a different system.


When adding to the solution can you select user defined and the use the adapter for solution manager to get the solution object into its own solution?

Hahah Jason that’s an interesting thought. It sounds like it might break the time-space continuum :joy:


@Chris_Conn LOL :smiley: Thanks, I needed that laugh today!


LOLRH @Chris_Conn!!! Good one! :laughing: :punch: :fireworks: (Fist bump with Fireworks!)

So…has anyone been successful at actually using the adapter for Solution Manger to get the solution object into its own solution? That just makes me laugh even just typing that out… I looked at it but I couldn’t get it to work (on my end anyways).

Back in E9 they had an actual File - Export Solution Definition option:

It would really be nice to have this functionality brought back into E10 cause I really don’t want to have to rebuild my Solution Setups/Definitions every time I bring in a newly migrated testing database. If anyone does figure out a way to get this working in E10 could you please let us know? Thank you! :slight_smile: