Some Epicor Functions Fail To Upgrade from 2022.2 To 2023.1

Version 2022.2 → 2023.1

In 10.2 I created several functions that are used by BPM’s, through all the upgrades through 2022.2 the functions upgraded fine with no issues.
However when Clould Pilot environment was upgraded from 2022.2 to 2023.1 one of the functions failed to upgrade and now gives this error:

The name ‘addedRowGen’ does not exist in the current context

This Function is not a custom code Function, but a Widget Function and I do not have any expression nor variable that references ‘addedRowGen.’ Apparently this is a value that is part of the generated code from the widgets.

When I run syntax checks inside the Function Designer I do not get any abnormal errors. It’s only when I attempt to save the Library as enabled that I get this error.

I have opened an Epicor Support call as this feels like a bug or a change in how functions work.
I would like to dump the source, but being in the cloud I don’t know how to go about getting the source.
Any insight or help on this issue would be helpful.

(Also, can someone add the 2023-1 tag in the upgrade category?)

I’ve had this in BPMs before. We just went from 10.2.400 to 2022.2 … so there were a couple that had widgets that didn’t upgrade. I had to recreate the BPM in 2022.2 and save it off for after upgrade. I just deleted a list of BPMs before the upgrade, and then installed the solution after the upgrade. I found this to be quicker for us than trying to figure out why they weren’t upgrading.

I can help you with that, but if this function isn’t very complex, I would go ahead and recreate
it and not wait on me.

I’m throwing down my :popcorn: for Epicor Supports answer.