Sort EpiUltraComboPlus

Anyone had any luck sorting an EpiUltraComboPlus? I have it bound to a UDTable and is forcing the sort to be by a Key# which is a string. This particular UDTable has lines and I want it to sort by an int that I’ve setup…
Instead of above it should count up incrementally: 1,2,3,4,5,etc.

Well did you consider padding the # with zeros at the front or casting to int? and using that as a sort in your datafiller BAQ or something?


Padding with zeros is not possible for me and the formatting for this particular key field. I’m not using a BAQ or anything, simply bound the control to the field in the UDTable. If I could simply identify the method that allows me to sort within UltraComboPlus that would be my solution. Currently, I haven’t identified a way to have the dropdown sort.

Would a BAQ Combo work? I know it doesn’t give the nice Next/Previous arrows, but the BAQ could be set to order them how you want.


I suppose any combo would work, I just liked the next/prev arrows and what they do for lines and easy navigation. Crazy to think there is not an ability to sort this type of dropdown. Going to another dropdown type will be a last resort. fingers-crossed