Sort Sales Order Backlog via Order Value


Is there a way to filter/sort the Sales Order Backlog report by the order value?

Our report can be a lengthy document and it would be beneficial if we could zero straight in on high value orders.

Is there a reason you don’t write a simple BAQ to get this info?

Purely time/laziness…
It was just posed as a question to me today, if there was a simple way to modify the existing report.

Ah I see. Modifying reports is, in my humble opinion, a giant PITA so I always opt for a query solution if possible


a “simple” backlog BAQ can be created to show the total open backlog by order… takes some summarization… also takes some knowledge of the table layouts in OrderHed, OrderDtl, and OrderRel. As soon as someone sees backlog, the next question is “when can it ship”.
I have created multiple versions of a “Backlog Dashboard” for my customers. each one has a different flavor based on the needs. My latest has three panels.

  • Panel 1 - upper left side - summarizes BY SHIPPING WEEK (one line per week) the backlog dollars, line & order count.
  • Panel 2 - Upper Right side - summarizes BY ORDER (one line per order) the backlog dollars. This panel only shows the week selected from panel 1
  • Panel 3 - Bottom - gives details of the order selected in Panel 2

The above is actually made with three separate but nearly identical BAQs… the only thing different between the three is how the “TOP” sub-query summarizes the data.
This type of backlog display is great because it is live and interactive… refresh it, and new orders appear, shipped orders change status.
Here is an image (all real data is obfuscated… but this is from “old” backup data so more is “past due” that real)