Specify Customization when it won't show up

I’ve read through some other similar posts and I’m not finding this situation. I think I found a menu that is bugged and won’t accept any customization in Menu Maintenance. It’s PCID Build/Split/Merge. I’m on 10.2.300 and I’ve tested on 10.2.500 as well and neither allow me to specify a customization.

How do I work around? I tried a UBAQ but it did not allow me to save unfortunately.

I have tried as All Companies and also as company specific.

I had the same issue with the Supplier Tracker. I created an updated BAQ on the Ice.Menu table. The arguments field should have -formName followed by the form name and then -c followed by the customization name. For example, on my supplier form I have this:
The customization name is SuppChanges and the form is the SupplierTrackerForm

Attaching the UBAQ I use in case looking at it helps.
tedUBAQMenu.baq (25.9 KB)

I’m sorry, after looking at little more on some forms you won’t need the form name, just the -c and customization name.

I did see you mentioned using a BAQ but hopefully something in mine (which did work for my situation) will help lead you the right direction for yours.

I wonder why some need the form name and others don’t. I’ll definitely give that a try. I tried it with just the -c CustomizationName

UBAQ worked. I needed to include just the minimum columns. When I created it, I just dumped them all in the UBAQ and evidently that matters.

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