SQL Integrity Check

Earlier today, one of our hosts that had our SQL VM loaded onto it unexpectedly shut down. When this happened, the VM was apparently moved to another host with VMotion because the VM started back up on its own. The only way I know it shut down is the Unplanned Shut down window I received when I remoted into the VM.

The weird thing is, I only had a handful of users report errors during this, and they received a server side error that told me to look for details in the event logs. Those users were able to log back in immediately.

My concern now is database corruption. No one has mentioned anything, but I’m concerned that maybe some portion of the database might have been corrupted.

Support hasn’t been super helpful, so I thought I would ask what I should do to check for any db issues. Can I run DBCC checkdb to find potential issues? If so, does everyone need to be logged out? What else should I run in SQL to look for issues? I’m the closest to a DBA we have on staff, so I’m the one that has to figure out if we have issues.

Am I being too paranoid? Not paranoid enough? Trying to get some guidance on next steps. Any guidance is appreciated.

You can run a DBCC checkdb online yes. And if you suspect data corruption, run it asap. But to be honest, you need to work really hard to corrupt a SQL Server database.

You might want to review your SQL Server logs to identify any errors.