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Newbie SQL DB Admin here…and I’m trying to schedule backups and maintenance jobs (specifically index rebuild) against our ERP10 database to get it ready for when we go Live…uh, eventually. Just wondering has anyone implemented this SQL Server Maintenance Solution from Ola Hallengren?

I thought it looked like a good option to achieve all of this. How is it working for you and would you be able to answer a few (hopefully simple) questions that I have about it?

We are currently running ERP10.1 on SQL 2012 Standard -

I read that in SQL Standard the rebuild index process will be OFFLINE which locks tables and can cause blocking issues. So it would be best to schedule the rebuild process for a time when no one is using the database…which as of now we could get away with doing…
But that SQL Enterprise could run the rebuild process ONLINE which almost sounds like reason enough to go to Enterprise.

Just wondering, there are probably a lot of glaring obvious ones that I just haven’t read about yet, but what would be other major benefits of going with the Enterprise? (Besides exploring strange new worlds, new life, and new civilizations and boldly going where no one has gone before…LOL :nerd:) And what are those benefits that you have actually implemented and used for your Epicor databases?

And what about the age old question of upgrading from 2012 to 2014 or the latest version of 2016 (is 2016 approved yet for use with Epicor?)? Because if we move from 2012 Standard to Enterprise anyways, should we just go all the way and upgrade to 2014 or 2016 Enterprise?

Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, help or advice.

Cost is a big factor. Std to Enterprise is a bit scary.

Here is a link to all the differences between the editions of SQL 2012 Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012 | Microsoft Learn

2016 does have a lot of improvements including and lot of Enterprise features have be moved to standard with SP1. of course I would not recommend upgrading to a version of SQL that did not meet the certification of your vendor.

Here is another post you might find useful:

Good luck with your SQL adventures. Sounds a bit like me, but I started with Platinum SQL 4.2 and SQL Server 6.5, quite a while back.

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Thanks @Hally!

Great link! I’ll continue to review that further.

I did see that post! Just from what I’ve run across already, I can see how Brent Ozar could be a great resource. And I’ll take a look at that script that was posted there too.

Whoo! You aren’t kidding, just yesterday a friend of mine mentioned the cost difference between Standard and Enterprise and I was shocked. That is VERY interesting that you say that a lot of Enterprise features have been moved into Standard 2016 with SP1. That’s kind of exciting and I’ll definitely look into that too.

Thanks so much for the response and the links/info!

Hi Heather,

We went with with maintenance scripts from SQL Server Index and Statistics Maintenance Which Simon pointed us to. My guys tell me they did some tweaks for our setup but it’s a good base to start with.