SQL-Visual Studio Views to SSRS?

Thoughts and Insights around using:
Okay Epicor has the BAQ, BAQ Report Designer, and the converted Crystal Reports into SSRS which is a major process.

In my past I have used the SQL Management Studio, Visual Studio to create SQL Views to drive SSRS reports.

  1. Are you able to take the views created and import them into a BAQ or do you need to create a new BAQ?
  2. Can SQL views be used in SSRS reports directly in Epicor and added to a menu for the end user to run?

No. A BAQ adds in security logic to preserve tenant, company, site, and territory security.

There can be some issues with accessing the database directly. This post from the former Epicor/ERP architect explains.

Thank You for the info. I know path forward now :rofl: :upside_down_face:
Lots of work.

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