SQL vs. Progress AND International Connections

Recently, we purchased a company in another state and are adding them to
our Progress Vantage 6.1. Learning a lot and now we face another

We are currently in the process of acquiring a company that runs a
custom ERP system in Microsoft SQL 2000.
We wonder if we should stay with SQL or shift company to Progress (3
plant, 3 countries, about 70K parts)
Does anyone know if there are any performance issues with Vantage
running on SQL vs.. Progress?
Would you run Vantage on SQL 2000 or SQL 2005? Why one version over the

International Connection
Also this company is located overseas and we are interested is
hosting the database at our US headquarters but we are not sure what
infrastructure we would need.
This company would have about 10 oversea users on at all times.

Should we use a VPN with a T1 connect to the internet or
if we have to get a lease line.

We are interested in hearing what people are using for international
and any overall issues that have arisen from an international

Answer here or off list.

Babette Welch
IT Director
Argonics, Inc.
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Marquette MI 49855
906.226.9747 ext 235

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