SSL Cert Name - Does it have to match your app server computer name?

Hello All,

I am trying to deploy EDD and I am getting a failed to fetch bearer token.

We have an SSL cert for “” (this is just an example) and it is bound to 443.

However, the computer name of the app server is different. It is, lets say, “TheAppServer.ourdomain.local”

When I see where the deployment is trying to fetch the bearer token from it says Failed to fetch installation ID for manager at https://TheAppServer.ourdomain.local/EpicorEnvironment/.

If I use the bearer token test service in a browser *but I use the SSL domain name * the bearer token service returns successful.

In short, when I deploy EDD it seems to be using the app server computer name address to try and fetch the token. Epicor told me that we have to use an SSL cert with the same name as the app server computer. Is there not a way to have the computer try and look at the SSL FQDN instead?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.


For those of you who get the failed to fetch authentication token for EDD deployment using an SSL cert that is different than your app server address, you can try to use the manual installer for EDD or get a cert that matches the name of the app server.

We used the manual installer and it finally deployed. You can find that in the supplemental installs under the EDD directory.

Note that you will need to change the sysconfig file for your active homepage to use the address with the SSL fully qualified domain name.

You may also have to modify the config for your EDD deployment to make sure it has the right URL, but the manual deployment seemed to handle that.