SSRS Report from Dashboard

Dashboards have this nice feature where you can add a Report Link and then, under Actions, a Print option shows up.
For whatever reason, this is still only available for Crystal Reports.
I’d like to do this, but I want to use SSRS.
I know I can customize the dashboard with a button to launch the report, but how do I send the DataSet from the dashboard to the SSRS report?
Within the dashboard, they will be checking a box called “Print” for each row they want printed and I need that updated checkbox to pass through, so I can filter out the ones that are unmarked, otherwise I would just use a BAQ report and use the same BAQ as the dashboard.

you can do in dashboard/ssrs.i done it ages ago. in the help read about tokens.
after adding baq in the dashboard, you can add ssrs/xslt and pass parameters as tokens.
lets say your baq outputs list of customers, as you scroll through each customer, ssrs will refresh and load each customer on time delivery performance…or whatever you like…

That’s not entirely what I’m looking for. I don’t want the SSRS to refresh when each row is selected, but rather I would like the entire result set in the dashboard to be sent and available for use within the SSRS report.

Hi Hanna,
Did you manage to solve this ticket?

By code have you been able to send a list of values ​​to a parameter of the SSRS report and not to the dataset?

No idea. I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast let alone something I did for another company 4 years ago.

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