SSRS report view in E10 Dashboard


I am just wondering if it is possible to add a SSRS report in a dashboard report view? If not, what is a way to add a ssrs report view in a dashboard?
I have done adding a report view in a dashboard in the past but only using Crystal. In the Tools → Report Action, I can only see Design Crystal Report and Create sample Data is just giving me xml file. Also the Upload Report, is only looking for .rpt file.

Marianne :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone has a better option, but one idea is to make a web view and display the SSRS on a tab via customization.


I think you can add a URL to the dashboard and then paste the reportviewer url to the ssrs report, can’t you? It should create a new tab and then you have the report there. If you don’t want the report to run right away you can create a dummy parameter and make the user choose it, like Date, and then they have to click run after they put in a date.

On the flip side, I think it runs automatically if you just paste the URL.

I am not sure if you are on kinetic or not, not sure if their dashboards have all the same tools.



Thank you. I tried adding a URL and I think I can start working from this. I am researching now on how to connect my BAQ and my SSRS report, as the data from the BAQ is basically what my SSRS report should contain.
Still using E10.2.400

Marianne I don’t know how you would do that using a URL.

The SSRS reports that are tied to the BAQ reports use the dataset created by the BAQ. What does a new report view do in the image above?

It’s just displaying the URL page in the dashboard. So I thought this might work. Still need to learn SSRS and how to use BAQ in the datasets.

Thank you.