SSRS Report print from Custom Code without WCF

seiChris asked here about auto printing BAQ reports from custom code without WCF, given it us not accessible to us Cloud customers.

What’s the process for built-in reports? Specifically SOPick?

What I’m doing would be simple if I could just use the BPM AutoPrint, but need to be able to dynamically set the printer.

All Reports are available as a REST service.

The most efficient way to print a report is to go out and back in with REST? That seems unfortunate, though it is nice to have documentation to work off of.

Not sure what you mean here. Wherever you were calling the WCF before is where you would put your REST call. You can also make the REST call within a Kinetic screen using Application Studio (erp-rest widget) just like you used to call Business Objects in the .NET Client.

Depends on where you’re calling it from, what you’re doing etc.

What specifically would you like done, from where ?

I’m trying to print a Sales Order Pick List from a data directive when a Sales Order is seen in SysRptLst that has a specific SysTaskParam ReportStyleNum. Overall, attempting to print a pick list along with every sales order if a given report style is chosen.

The caveat seems to be that I need it to print to whichever printer the Order Ack went to.