Starting Activity

If you don't care about collecting actual elapsed times (which I assume you don't if you're condering hand written sheets entered later), try setting your OPs to Qty reporting labor type. The MES reporting time is greatly reduce (particularly if bar code assisted).

Downside: Job Op Yield Qty adjustment processing doesn't work with Qty reporting.

Your WIP (and job costs) essentially become std cost as qty reporting just posts actual hours equivalent to your OP production rates x Qty reported.

If you can tolerate that, better yet, go KanBan.

Rob Brown

--- On Thu, 1/29/09, Bruce Ordway <cooner_55421@...> wrote:

From: Bruce Ordway <cooner_55421@...>
Subject: [Vantage] Starting Activity
Date: Thursday, January 29, 2009, 12:40 PM


We are implementing Vantage 8.03.305f.
Some modules are running, but we haven't brought up manufacturing yet.

We started out with the idea of wanting to use MES.
However, we are finding that "Starting Production Activity" is taking a
LOT of time. We make many parts, with very low quantities.
For example, a day at our saw station; 62 jobs, qty of 1 each.

We are doing it manually for now:
-Start Prodcution Activity
--- Enter Job Number, tab
--- Enter Assembly, tab
--- Enter Operation, tab
etc... etc... etc...

We have done some preliminary investigation with bar codes.
Stringing JN, tab, Asy, tab, Op, tab is interesting.

We have thought about skipping MES and just letting people write their
times down. Then maybe have a supervisor do labor entry in Vantage.

Just looking for ideas...


Bruce Ordway