Stock Status Report - Hide certain parts question

I have a request from inventory management that I’m not sure how to attack…

We utilize three different “warehouses” in Epicor. A part will only exist in one warehouse at a time (their primary warehouse). If a part is moved from one warehouse to another, the full stock amount is moved, leaving the on hand qty zero in the original warehouse.

Now the question: Inventory Mgt wants to run the Stock Status Report for one warehouse at a time, see those parts with zero quantities that should show zero (those set to that warehouse as primary), but hide parts with zero quantities that are no longer part of that warehouse (those that have a different primary warehouse).

Is there a way to run this report (or modify a part) to ignore those parts that have a history in that warehouse, but are no longer set to use that warehouse as primary?

I hope this makes sense. I’m borderline confused myself.

In the end, the reason for this is that many, many parts have been moved out of one warehouse, but the report still makes it look like they are part of that warehouse…