Stock Staus report for all sites

Running the stock status report I note that when you try to filter by warehouse, only the warehouses in the current site you are logged into show, what is the best approach to resolve this?

Ideally the cost accountant needs to see across the board in one click instead of having to run the report multiple times.

My thought without having to modify the report parameters, is to just create a new report style, with a copy of the SSRS report and remove the grouping, without delving down into it though I won’t know.

New Report style will not work because there is no ReportRelationship about Plant in the Report Data Definition.

I believe a BAQ Report is a quicker solution.

Thought as much thanks.

I made my own SSR via a BAQ report. And mine (unlike the built-in SSR) even takes into account the unit cost on the SSR Date entered.

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If you dont need to enter a specific date, it’s very straight forward. To “back date” the report, you have to calc the QOH based on current QOH and subtract out ever PartTran that has happened since then.

To find the cost on the date specified, you have to find the last PartTran record with a date <= the SSR date.


I’d post it, but it takes a lot of shortcuts that are specific to our company into account.


  1. We don’t track labor, or have burdened costs. So for the cost it just returns the MtlUnitCost for Std, Avg, and Last.
  2. Don’t use Inspection, so part trans of INS-??? and ???-INS are ignored.

and many others.

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