Stupid custom code window problem

This is really stupid and I’m hoping there’s a simple answer even if I kick myself when someone tells me.

The last few days, just sometimes, when I close the Custom Code window in a BPM workflow, it doesn’t actually close. It disappears as though it’s closed, but it’s actually just hiding. Hovering over the BPM window in the taskbar makes it temporarily show itself but there’s no way I can find of getting focus on it. Since it’s modal, that then locks the whole Epicor client and I can only get back to work by shutting the client down totally, losing whatever it was I’ve been doing in that workflow.

Once or twice was manageable, but it’s getting very annoying now.

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Little comfort with this next saying, but “Save and save regularly” or use Linqpad to develop BPMs and then copy in at the last minute.

I’m assuming the old alt-tab doesn’t help? It sounds a lot like the ole’ bury the save dialog so you can’t get to it caper.

Thanks, and yes indeed save often is normally my motto.

Saving custom code needs an OK to that window, a save in the workflow window, then closing it entirely and saving the directive (as I’m sure you’re aware), so it’s a bit disruptive to do it mid-work, and knowing this can happen any time is a bit of a disincentive in its own right.

I’ve tried every keyboard trick I know and a few I didn’t that searches brought up but no luck. The custom code window isn’t just behind something in this case, it’s literally invisible unless you hover over the right place on the taskbar, and even then it doesn’t appear in the window thumbnails, only in place on the screen where you can’t get to it without moving the cursor away from the magic point that makes it show up.

Further development -

With the help of a utility I can bring back the Custom Code window from its invisible state. However, under no circumstances can I close it, not even via said window utility. Clicking “OK”, “Cancel” or the close window “X” just makes it invisible again.

Presumably this must be a bug of some kind in the client so I’ll raise a support ticket.

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I have seen this a bit recently too. I usually have to use task manager to kill Epicor and start again. These sort of incidents drill the save, save, save habit into me!


And the tool was?

The one I used is called WinLister.

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I use ProcessExplorer over the Win TaskManager. It breaks processes out into sub processes (when they exist) giving you a tree view. If the Code window is its own process, you might be able to kill just that one.

I’ve rarely had much luck trying to break out bits of the Epicor client, but this looks like a useful tool in its own right anyway - thanks.

I feel your pain…

I’ll second this pain - it doesnt happen TOO often, but more than enough to be problematic. I’ve found I typically encounter this with cloud clients.

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