Sub report on separate page

How do I get the sub report to do a page break and be on a separate page from the rest of the report?

I think you can do this with a tablix. Insert a new blank tablix, and then stick your subreport in one of the data cells. I think you have to turn on grouping, and then you can page break on each group. Not tested myself, but this approach should get you close.

Keep getting a blank page in between the main report and the sub report. When I remove the page break, it all just runs together.

There might be an easier option. Get rid of that tablix, and use a rectangle instead. I think you can leave it just about anywhere on your report, and you don’t even have to display an actual box (leave the rectangle transparent). You can adjust the page breaks for rectangle shapes.

AND…it turned out to be the Subreport was larger than the parent report. SOOOOOO…after I shrunk it, it worked.


Good work!