SSRS Sub Report spacing issue

I had Epicor uplift our Crystal AR invoice to SSRS when we implemented E10. They needed to create a sub-report to show back order lines. When we have many lines on an invoice it will printer the header followed by a lot of white space and the lines will start on the second page. The Epicor consultant told me it is because SSRS wants to keep the detail together on the sub report. They said there is no way for it print some of the lines on the first page. They also told me this is why they try to stay away from sub reports in SSRS.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Is there a work-around?

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I use sub reports all the time. However, if there is a lot of data all at once, then, yes, it will jump to a new page. I personally like to put headers in my sub reports where appropriate too.
In your case, I would guess you would benefit from the header in the subreport so if it goes to a second page, it’s all together.

Thank you for your reply Jason.

Just to clarify, if there are a lot of lines in the sub-report it automatically starts the first line on the next page instead of printing the first few lines on
the page after the header and continuing the rest on the next page. Is that correct?

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If it can’t fit on the current page, yes, the subreport will start on the next in an attempt to keep itself together. If it can’t fit on the next page, either, it will run onto a new one, but it won’t decide it might as well start on the first page if it’s going to break up anyway. So something that could fit on two pages may take up three.

If you can rewrite the report to not use a subreport, that would be advisable–they’re also a performance drain. It’s usually possible, but a major pain. When it’s not in a subreport, you can set rules on which sections of data should stay together.

Thank you Ashely. This is very helpful!

It was a pain point for us when we converted from Crystal to SSRS, too. You’re not alone!