Subcontract Entry - Multiple Packages per Line

We are upgrading from E9.05.701 to E10.1.500. In E9, in Subcontractor Shipment Entry, on the Line we could enter a value in the “Num of Pkgs” (SubShipD.Packages) field and when you printed the Subcontract Pack/Shipping Labels it would print out multiple labels for that line, with “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, etc. on each of those duplicated labels. When we try this in E10 and print Subcontract Shipping Labels it gives an error. Epicor Support tells us that “this field is obsolete and no longer used”. :frowning: Have any of you run into this and has anyone found a workaround or better way to handle multiple packages per line in Subcontract Shipment entry? There is no Phantom Pack functionality in Subcontract Shipment entry like there is in Customer Shipment Entry.

Thank you,
Greg Bakker
Kooima Company