Subject: RE: Requisitioning Inventoried Supplies

Hi, I received a response from Epicore Friday. "This feature was designed
from the perspective that items in the part master should be purchased
through Min / Max reorder criteria and enabling requisitions for these items
would be counterproductive to the purchasing suggestion process." More was
stated, but this is basis of the info.

If you are using the min/max, how are you relieving it at the time it is
used? Which person in your organization does this, and how do you
communicate it? There seems to be something missing, that perhaps we have
not identified. Like Tom, we expense shop supplies monthly, adjusting them
out in batches.

I'm pleased that Todd is going to address this at Perspectives. We won't be
in attendance, so let us know how it goes. Also, there's an enhancement
request # 3809MPS on the same subject. You have to call in to Support to
add your company to the list.

Thanks to Cheryl Mertz for sharing your system with us.

Babette, What do you use to expense them, and when/who relieves the
inventory? I can understand the purchasing suggestions, but is the crib
attendant permitted to ADJ-Inv qty's?

Thanks to all.
Rhonda Sherer
Reeder & Kline

Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 08:59:39 -0400
From: "Babette Welch" <bwelch@...>
Subject: RE: Requisitioning Inventoried Supplies

Requisition to Jobs? Why?

We set 'minimum-qty' then Vantage 'suggests' the purchase of inventory
Once they are received they are expensed.

We have been known to enter a part ' minimum qty' , and immediately run
Seems to work here.


Babette Welch
IT Director

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